Starter: David Baird Body: ... I was involved in a discussion with someone preparing a presentation on CVS, Subversion and Arch for an audience of freelance software developers. He is focusing on version control for personal use, not in a commercial product environment.I think it is interesting that someone would want to use SCM tools for their own private projects. Perhaps it is indicative of the local culture where I live. [CM Crossroads - General CM]
Not really -- any software developer with mileage under his belt should do this. Otherwise when we make stupid mistakes as 3am (or 3pm in my case) all is not lost. I recently has to develop some Perl scripts for the kid's school and I used CVS on my laptop, with the repository in the root of my development tree. And the rational for this (even though I have access to some pretty sophisticated CM tools)?
  • I could hand my CVS archive to anyone and they can get at the contents using a free tool on *NIX or Windows.
  • When I backed up my development directory then my version archive was included in the backup
I guess what I want to say is that anyone, who professes to be a software professional, who does not use a basic version tool on their private projects is a charlatan in my humble opinion