NB NOT tested on current versions of Serena Dimensions Given a list of Build projects, setup projects and build areas. Assumes a naming convention. Need to set the variables buildServer, projectList, buildRoot before running.
var db=BaseDatabase.getInstance();


// Find a project. Assumes all project names are unique
function findProject(projectName) {
    var projects = BaseDatabase.instance.projects

    var id;
    var project;

    // loop over  project identifiers
    for (var it = projects.iterator(); it.hasNext(); ) {
        // get next  project id
        id = it.next()

        // fetch corresponding Project object
        project = projects.get(id)

       	if (project.name == projectName)
		return project;
    return null;

// find a build stages registered in the base database. Assumes all stage names are unique
function findBuildStage(name) {
    var buildStages = BaseDatabase.instance.buildStages

    var id;
    var buildStage;

    // loop over build stage identifiers
    for (var it = buildStages.iterator(); it.hasNext(); ) {
        // get next build stage id
        id = it.next()

        // fetch corresponding BuildStage object
        buildStage = buildStages.get(id)

	if (buildStage.name == name)
		return buildStage;
    return null;
// find a build area defined for a project
function findBuildAreasAssignedToProject(project,areaName){
    var buildAreas = project.buildAreas

    var id
    var buildArea
    // loop over project objects
    for(var it = buildAreas.iterator(); it.hasNext(); ) {
        // get next build area identifier
        id = it.next()

        // get next buildarea object
        buildArea = buildAreas.get(id)

	if (buildArea.name == areaName)
		return buildArea;
    return null;

var buildStageNames=new Array();
  buildStageNames["UT"]="UNIT TEST";
  buildStageNames["ST"]="SYSTEM TEST";

var buildServer = "aus-alecc-mel";
var projectList=new Array("BINGO");
var buildRoot = "c:Builds\";

for (var p in projectList ){
	var cp = findProject(projectList[p]+"1.0");
	if (cp)
		print("Error: Project "+projectList[p]+"1.0  already defined!");
		BaseDatabase.instance.runCommand("DPROJ "+projectList[p]+"1.0 /BUILD_PROJECT="+projectList[p]+" /DESC=\"" +projectList[p]+ " example build\"");
		cp = findProject(projectList[p]+"1.0");
		for (var s in buildStageNames){
			var cbs = findBuildStage(buildStageNames[s]);
			if (cbs)
				if (! findBuildAreasAssignedToProject(cp,cp.name +"_"+s))
					createBuildArea(cp, cbs, cp.name +"_"+s, buildServer, buildRoot+cp.name+"\"+s,"Java","","");
					print("Build stage "+cp.name +"_"+s+" already defined");
				print("Error: Build stage "+s+" not found!");