When I first became self-employed I very diligently (well, fairly diligently) researched the market for a laptop machine and was delighted to find a HP nx6125 for a neat price (A$1700), I also researched Linux compatibility and whilst there are issues, by and large it works. However there are some things that continue to really annoy me.
  • I cannot hibernate or sleep. I suspect a problem with my video driver although I appear to have the ATI driver installed correctly and other people are reporting success with sleep mode.
  • I have USB headphones that work perfectly with Skype and ALSA. However all other sound (e.g. Music CD's) insists on coming out of the speakers. BTW, if you have audio jacks on your PC don't buy USB headphones -- they are bulky and take up a USB socket
  • It took me 6 months to get Wireless working :-(, but at least it works now. Thanks to the Ndiswrapper team for saving my life
  • I cannot get the sychronisation for my Pocket PC mobile phone working
  • Nothing to do with Linux, but because of cost I compromised and accepted a machine with a trackerpad instead of a G spot. After 6 months I can say that the IBM G spot (also available on some HP machines) is far superior.