Eclipse have recently released 1.0 of the EPF, which peeked my interest as a long time process consultant and documenter. I see it as potentially useful in two ways
  • To help me work smarter and deliver better documentation
  • Something we can provide in our ALM products to help our customers achieve better outcomes
EPF consists of two core "products", a set of web pages containing ready to use process (e.g. Open Unified Process/Basic) and  EPF Composer that allows you to modify and create process documentation.
  •  The OpenUP/Basic (portrayed as an Agile process) warrants study. For people used to methodologies such as XP there is sufficient difference and new material as to require reasonable analysis and evaluation. Given it's 'thud' factor and IBM pedigree it may be a way to introduce more iterative process to skeptical management
  • The Composer tool is a standalone Eclipse RCP client and, on Linux, requires a Mozilla browser with GTK2. The tool does not install as a plugin to your existing Eclipse.  Many thanks to Kelvin Low for the help
I will coming back to update this as I understand more about EPF