We went to see the movie An Inconvenient Truth this afternoon. It was a fascinating piece and I had better say up front that I have been a "greenie" for many years (although not a very good one) and fully support the ideas in the film. I have not been active in the green movement for a long (moving to a new country, having kids etc) and so I am a little out of date on the current research, given that the mainstream press have been fudging the issue for so long. It is certainly a very uncomfortable thought that we are so far down the ecological disaster path and the film throws into stark relief some unpleasent facts. I would urge everyone to see the film, make whatever changes they feel able to in their personnel lives (or as the UK Lifestyle movement say Live simply that others may simply live) and use the politcal process to encourage changes over the things that they cannot control directly. Twenty five years ago we marched against the bomb and apartheid, now it's time to march again.

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