Like a lot of Geeks I have a Gmail account and love the searching power it has. On my laptop I have the excellent Thunderbird MUA with the GMailUI extension. However it's not as good as GMail for searching all my email very quickly. That would be not a problem if I only had one email account, but I have three in active use. So I have devised this little hack to have the power of Gmail search across all my accounts.
  • Set up Thunderbird to BCC my Gmail account with a custom Gmail address, e.g. when I send email from my othermail@myotheraccount mail account.
  • Then set up a Gmail filter so that anything from othermail@myotheraccount is archived and has a label applied so that I do not get my Gmail inbox cluttered up.
  • Create a filter in Thunderbird that deletes all GMail where the Deliver-To field is Thunderbird is still keeping a copy of my sent emails in my Sent email folder of course, but does not clutter up my local inbox with copies of emails I sent that got blind copied to Gmail.
The downside is that you are giving Google even more information about yourself and what you do :-(

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