So Novell has into jumped into bed with Microsoft. This opens up a number of interesting questions:
  1. How will this affect RedHat? Consider also the announcement from Oracle earlier in the week
  2. What is the medium to long term cost for Novell? Often Microsoft's partners come off worse
  3. Is the safe harbour from MS patent litigation important for customers? Here in Australian it is not something that I see people talking about that much as an issue
  4. Will this improve Novell business? I am guessing that the answer is yes, they should be able to improve the service offering to cover more Windows under Xen
  5. Will Microsoft offer Linux implementation services from their consultants? I would guess the will just hand ball that straight to Novell -- stick to your knitting
  6. Will the interoperability between MS Office and Open Office mean better filters for Open Office or new filters for MS Office? I assume that MS Office must have new filters so that it can remain in government offices where ISO document formats are mandated
  7. What will the services management interoperability offer Microsoft? It should help Microsoft protect their turf with customers who must introduce Linux into an existing MS Infrastructure, and of course it will mean that customers will have to upgrade their current SMS installations.

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