I mentioned a few days ago that I was looking to write a paper about building from Subversion using strict configuration management control. There seems to be no previous art on how to do this, even in a similiar way to the current way that GNU Make suppors tools like RCS (admintally RCS is a file based version control system as apposed to directory based like CVS and Subversion). So I a appear to be breaking new ground :-). I had an epithany today relating to the use of listing a Build Of Lost as a Subversion repository. Make should be able to update the build revion with the details of the files used as inputs -- the slightly tricky part is to conconcate the information from source files to final built targets via the intermediate built files. Update 14/Nov/06 -- I did find this about using Ant and Subversion, this list of VC Ant tasks and this list of optional Ant tasks

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