For a number of years I used a Filofax as my diary and notebook, then I used a PDA with MS Outlook and embraced GTD, that worked very well. Since I migrated to Linux the PDA integration broke so I became all trendy and got myself a notebook and embraced GSD, which worked really well for 4 months. However I now have a few problems:
  • My daily task list and schedule has reached into the space for my project notes (which advances from the other end of the notebook)
  • The scheduling does not work so well, as I mentioned a few weeks ago
  • All my notes for current projects are stuck in my current notebook, which is a problem when I have to move active projects to a new notebook
  • I have no space for addresses
My proposed solution is to resurrect my Filofax, but in a much simpler GSD style. It will have a diary (I will initially try one day per page for today's next actions lists etc.), an address section and then just lots of quadrille paper for projects, designs, action lists, notes etc. Specialist options, for financial records for instance, are also possible. I will also try and use heavier paper this time, it makes a difference to writing.