After the dust settled from OSDC what am I doing?
  1. Trying to get some things finished up for my customer
  2. Thinking about my next contract (hint, hint)
  3. Migrating to Ubunto Linux and upgrading to Firefox 2
  4. Looking to turn my OSDC slides into a more substantial article and add some cool new featurs to the demo (e.g. two way build dependency tracking, reports, integration into cmake,.... solving world hunger)
  5. Improving my Vim work habits: use more macros and scripts for Perl programming; use Vim for XML and HTML editing (including blogging)
  6. Try and get much better at Test Driven Development, more on that in a future post
  7. Get to bed earlier
  8. Become better at all the business admin stuff
  9. Get back on the GTD wagon
  10. Make posts to my blog at least once every two days
  11. Get a spell checker working here!
Let's see how much sticks? These are forward looking statements and no commitment should be inferred :-(