According to Perl Best Practices, a.k.a PBP, the "One True Way" to implement Objects is using a technique called inside-out. Unfortunately reading Daminan's explanation, although as usual excellent in many ways, did my head in because I could not imagine how the storage was logically laid out (I'm kinda old fashioned in how I understand things you see). Luckily a quick FWSEy and I was able to find Perl Australia's cool explanation that lays out the way the attribute hashes store values in inside-out objects. I suggest you print out a copy, fold it up and place inside PBP (What do you mean, you don't have a copy? I hope you're not a Perl programmer). The content is Open so you can do that, Hurrah for Open Content I say. There are still a number of questions in my mind about how this works but perhaps I can find someone at next Perl Mongers meetings, in a brewery this month, to fill in the gaps. I'm afraid the website is wrong about the meeting BTW -- it's on Friday 12/Jan.

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