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This course explores how Dr Damian Conway -- one of the most prolific contributers to the Perl community and to the CPAN -- manages to be so productive

Having seen Damian present some of his ideas about productivity, both in person and in books, I have a strong suspision this would be a very thought provoking and useful course.

Damian gave a presentation at OSDC 2005 that showed some of his techniques, including which CPAN modules he used and how to present the writing of Perl code by using IO::Prompt (which he wrote of course), I believe there was also a more substantial presentation at OSCON. I think he uses the Vim editor so I would even more out of it.

Generally Damian is very a) knowledgeable and b) amusing presenter so if you ever have the opportunity to hear him speak don't miss it, even if you are not a Perl programmer.

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