IDEs are not a panacea, but neither are they all bad « The Wandering Glitch 2
Is he saying a common source code control policy is a bad thing?
I say unequivocally that both source code control and change management are absolutely vital. However using an IDE over the top of these tools can be problematic for a variety of reasons:
  1. How does one handle the sharing of code and modules between IDE projects when the common code is in the version repository. Unfortunately the answer depends on the combination of the IDE and Version control tool being used
  2. How to handle re-factoring? (re-factoring is a good BTW) Again the final answer depends on the combination of your IDE and version control tool.
  3. Is there an effective interface to your change management (ticket management) application/repository from your IDE?
  4. Depending on the tools and technology used IDE integrations to Change Management and Version Control systems can be fragile. It's an extra dependency to manage and support and not everyone wants to run a single solution from a single vendor.

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