IDEs are not a panacea, but neither are they all bad « The Wandering Glitch 2
Standardisation of tools is not generally a bad thing either
Andrew makes a point that having everyone using the same tool set in the same fashion is a "good thing". This appears to be obviously true, however I think a couple of observations can be made specifically when discussing IDE's:
  1. When recruiting new members to the team there is a tendency by "the management" to insist on only recruiting staff with experience in the current specific IDE tool, which seems a little too limiting to me and could lead to unnecessary expense bringing the team up to strength
  2. The fact that everyone is wedded to a mandated IDE means that change is inhibited, even when change would be useful. Modern IDE's are behemoths and getting everyone to change can feel like turning the Queen Mary (i.e. very hard and slow)
As a purely personal observation, I think the word standard should be applied to those things that enable multiple teams and systems to work together. Teams adopt their own conventions however, and these are generally not visible to outsiders (e.g. which IDE they use).

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