As a follow up to a post I made back in 2002 What I add to Windows that helps make it better « Alec the Geek
I have recenlty had to rebuid my machine from scratch and this is what I feel the need to install.
I thought I would outline the extra goodies I use on my Linux system:
  1. GnuCash accounting software
  2. Eclipse (not used very much, but can be handy to have around sometimes)
  3. The Java SDK
  4. BOUML for UML modelling
  5. Freemind, and now VYM, mind mapping software
  6. I still prefer Adobe's Acrobat reader to the OSS versions supplied with Linux
  7. Evolution is my PIM and email client (but KDE Kontact is also good), not an extra goody per se, but you need to choose which PIM to use. Evolution is the default on Ubuntu anyway
  8. gworldclock to get the time in multiple time zones
  9. Skype to chat to my friends all over the world
  10. Automatix for Ubuntu to I can access all those pesky Windows media files people keep sending me
  11. Mozilla Composer is still my favourite HTML editor
  12. esvn for Subversion
  13. svk for distributed version control
  14. Envy to install my ATI Graphics driver -- it does in such a way that suspend now works correctly.
Pretty much everything else is already there by default.

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