The New York times is running an article on how few women are taking up computer science in tertiary education:
According to a 2005 report [deletia...], when high school girls think of computer scientists they think of geeks, pocket protectors, isolated cubicles and a lifetime of staring into a screen writing computer code.
The article implies that fields such as engineering and mathematics do not have this problem. Why not? To my mind there is nothing more nerdy (or geeky) than the study of mathematics, which of course is perfectly OK. The question is why don't women (and many men) want to become geeks? What is wrong with being a geek?

Surely the answer is not have less programming and related geek activities in our computer courses, but to make society respect the geek more.

Let us cast off our chains of social stigma! We have nothing to lose except our future programmers.

I can feel a new slogan coming on: "It's cool to be a geek"

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