Useful Software Metrics « Alec the Geek
Using a ticket management and capturing all issues, not matter where in our lifecycle they occur
Not all software teams have tools that allow metrics to be gathered. Without metrics we cannot answer questions about productivity, process improvement or estimating other than by (hopefully) intelligent guesswork. How might we address that in the short term?
  1. Introduce a time sheet system: That's complicated and requires tools to analyse the data
  2. Ask people to fill on project work sheets i.e. a time sheet for a project, rather than for an individual. It should be filled as each project work product is delivered (e.g. domain model,  fully dressed use cases, test cases, etc.). The sheets should be simple i.e. the deliverable, the project name, the project phase, dates and a summary total of effort and the number of people involved.
Armed with this simple information it should be possible to start gathering some more intelligent insights into how well the software process is working.  

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