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Become a jedi in 10 minutes
Bredon from Slacker Manager has some great tips for doing more with the bookmarking site. My personal tip is to based around the' bundles feature.
  1. Log into your delicious account
  2. Select "settings" (top right of page)
  3. Select "bundle tags"
  4. Create a bundle called 00Current (anything that starts with something that like 00 so that it appears at the top of the list)
  5. Add tags that you will need frequently to the bundle. For me these are tags for my email accounts, my current projects and research, current customers, online banking, my reading list etc.
  6. Return to your bookmarks and you current tags should appear together at the top of the tag list
  7. Keep the bundle up to date as things change
Update Jan/2010
  • Using Delicious and Firefox? Use the Yahoo supplied Delicious plugin.
  • When tagging bookmarks add as many tags as possible, including the same of the site, author or product. It makes it easier to find things later
  • Remember that you can mark bookmarks confidential. For instance the bookmark for my online banking is is confidential to reduce opportunities for social engineering attacks.
And lastly a great tip from Megan on using delicious tags and the provided RSS feed to make a 'tickler' or 'review-list' There are of course variations on these basic ideas so experiment with whatever works for you.

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