Gmail: Help Center - How should I use POP on mobile or multiple devices?
If you're accessing your Gmail using POP from multiple clients, Gmail's recent mode makes sure that all messages are made available to each client
Update Nov/2007: Gmail now supports imap, which would be a better choice than POP for most purposes. Use imap in preference to POP if you can and ignore the information in this post In Gmail default POP setup once a POP client has downloaded a message is no longer available to other clients :-(. I currently use my laptop, smartphone and occasionally an iMac for POP access to Gmail. I recently found this very brief documentation on using Gmail recent mode, which is claimed to fix this issue The documentation is not clear so my initial, experimental, set-up will be as follows: 1) Set my main laptop mail client to be in recent mode (Evolution), this has made it download 800 email again. I assume that is the only the first time 2) I will leave my smarphone in default mode so it only gets new email 3) I will probably make Mac mail start in recent mode as well. UpdatedAugust 2007: I 've made all my email clients use the format and it works well. Top tip. Delete all the gmail pop email from your client before you make the change as it all gets marked for download again and you end up with loads of duplicates.

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