Managers unhappy with Gen Y - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
An independent survey of more than 240 Australian business managers concludes that Generation Y are the most difficult employees to manage.
I attended an internal conference recently where a CIO I work with suggested that Gen-Y would present new challenges for management because of their need to be:
  1. Always networked
  2. Continually stimulated and keep interested
This survey would seem to bear this out. I think I have already seen this affect. Over the last couple of years I have seen recent graduates with delusions of grandeur (in one particular example raw 23 years expecting to be project managers) in terms of job interest. I am pleased to say that after a few weeks of my acid tongue their ego was sufficiently damaged for them to take on more mundane jobs such as documenting and managing the backup cycle. However I am one of the more continually connected ones. I always have Meebo open, to get around the IM blocks in the firewall, and use Google many, many, times a day -- and I only just qualify as Gen-X

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