I know I've waffled on about this before, but with 98% of the world running Windows it's becoming a pain in the posterior to be running a technically superior operating system, especially with coLinux being such a great solution for those times when you need a proper platform (plus someone seems to have fixed the link to the Windows port of svk). As well as the issues relating to mobile device synchronisation etc. I often run into problems because evaluation software is only supplied for Windows. I think by the end of the week I shall be in Windows land, with coLinux used for GnuCash and Linux development. I'll use MS Outlook (supplied with my Smartphone) as a PIM and Windows OpenOffice. Of course I'll need to add a stack of goodies to get something almost as good, things like a shell, a decent editor, a PDF driver, some development tools etc., etc.

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Update -- well it appears that Optus/Samsung does not supply MS Outlook with their phone, so I might as well stay with Linux and Evolution with Windows under VMware