I've just been looking at the Sun UltraSPARC T2 launch announcement, including a video that used Second Life (sl) to model the chip and show it off. Whilst this was very crude and could have been done with a power point slide it did get me thinking as to what is possible.
  • Creating models of products (from nuclear power plants to accounting packages) for demonstration and training purposes
  • Using sl as a forum to discuss models for business purposes
  • Illustrating technical information (e.g. financial results, software product architecture, business process) in a more intuitive and interesting way
In case it's not obvious, the advantage of using second life is that the models are not constrained by real physics and can have intelligent behaviour. This allows for very imaginative and flexible presentation of information However creating such sl life models can be time consuming and requires programming skill so there is an opportunity for sl builders to sell their skills to organisations who want to build such things. You can even get directly paid in real money, not Linden dollars :-). If you already know of such services let me know. Update 14/Aug: After a conversation with a colleague an even more awesome scenario suggest when showing off  software that reacts with real world events (e.g. security software). Have the event occur in second life and then trigger the relevant software via via a Linden http trigger.