It’s often useful to run a POP3/SMTP server on your system to demo/test/use the email functions when using applications. Apache James is the only free option I have come across so far – here are some installation notes to help get you started on Windows (but remember YMMV):
  1. Download from the James website
  2. Make sure you have admin privilege
  3. Unpack the James archive into an empty directory. I would chose not to have spaces in the directory path, although no longer seem cause problems
  4. Make sure no other SMTP or POP3 servers (or NNTP) are running
  5. In a command prompt change to the installation directory and run bin/run.bat
  6. Hit control-C to stop James running
  7. Mkae sure you know the address of your DNS server
  8. You are now probably in the bin directory, so run the command 'cd ..'
  9. Edit the file apps\james\SAR-INF\config.xml. Change any ports you need to (I would suggest POP3 and SMTP) and disable the NNTP server. Make sure you use the correct value fo the <dnsserver> entry (more details on the Quick Start guide). You may also want to change the default admin account credentials. You will need to use a proper editor (e.g. Vim) as this file is in UNIX format.
  10. In a command prompt run bin/run.bat
  11. In another command prompt windows run a telnet session as follows telnet localhost 4555
  12. Login with the James admin credentials (default is root/root)
  13. Issue the command adduser <userid> <password> (use the command quit when finished)
  14. Configure an email client to talk to James using the correct port settings and user credentials
  15. Send yourself a test email
  16. Hit control-C to stop James running
  17. cd bin
  18. Run the command wrapper -i ..\conf\wrapper.conf
  19. Run the command net start "James 2.3.0"(or whatever version number was installed)