One of the reasons that it's been a little quite here recently is that I have been busy with my new job, I 'm pleased to say that I am now the Technical Manager for Tripwire in Australia and New Zealand. This is an exiting opportunity to bring server auditing and compliance into the local market and I'm looking forward to it immensely. Expect to see more material on IT Systems Management and Visible Operations, which I see a a another facet of what I have already been talking about (Change management, process and focusing on customer value). As well as the professional opportunity, I have been given the chance to retool. So I am now using a 15" Macbook Pro which, when coupled with VMWare Fusion for when you absolutely need Windows, has been a really great experience -- UNIX in a really low cut, slinky, dress (and really tight leather chaps as well). So you can expect to see more material on my experiences with the Mac, including the stuff I think I need to add to make it better.