Why Tripwire Really Isn’t Real-Time | Solidcore Blog
Don’t get trapped in a scan (and scan again) cycle with Tripwire – get the authentic real-time technology from Solidcore
As I work for Tripwire the following blog caught my eye the other day. The post is a pretty crude piece of commercial snipping and falls into a couple of major traps.
  • The information is out of date. The product does now support real time monotoring
  • By using negative and derogatory language it associates the product it seeks to promote with the same image
So what is the lesson for 'product' bloggers?
  1. Only talk about your own product or facts that will not change
  2. Keep your language positive and limit your own comments to your own product. There is no reason why you can't chose to make comments about product features your competitors are weak on, but you don't have to mention them.
You also avoid the chance of a law suite of course... So don't expect me to mention any competitor products here.

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