Alec the Geek
Goodbye to most of Web 2.0
My New Year resolution to cut out Web 2.0 cruft from my life is now happening. The motivation is two fold
  1. To try and reclaim back the many hours that micro-blogging and social networks consume
  2. Reduce the attack surface for identity thieves.
So far I have removed accounts on Orkut, Jaiku, Plaxo and Vox. I'm waiting to hear back from Dopplr on how to remove my account and I've removed as many applications from my Facebook(fb) profile as possible. Depending on Kate's experience I'll try and drop myspace as well. I did de-activate my fb account as my first action, however within 24 hours I had to start using it again as it contained essential contact information and it's just too hard to keep my local address book updated... So I'm hoping that 80% of my needs will be meet by 20% of my previous site memberships

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