I found this and thought of Kate. Of course if you're not some ultra hip young thing what can you do? Here are my tips on Web 2.0 for Old Farts at Work (of which I am proud to be one):
  1. Publish a weekly report and show what you're achieving
  2. Get a LinkedIn account -- it's not facebook and has a lot more gravitas; but at least you have an online presense. Spend some time making the profile reflect you and your experience
  3. Use an RSS reader (e.g. Google Reader) to read blogs and news that interest you. It saves a lot of time
  4. Start a blog -- you don't need to post every day, but it's a good place to put down all the lessons you have learned where they will be useful to others
  5. Try and stop snarling at the young people. Apparently we were like them once (so they tell me)