Previously, like probably 80% of other users, I had only used Putty as a ssh enabled terminal emulator. However after my adventures with emacs I've come to realise what a great tool it is, including it's support for comand line use. If you are stuck using Windows without OpenSSH (e.g. not using Cygwin) then I recommend you get Putty.   Some of it's features are:
  • Key generation and management (including import/export of OpenSSH keys)
  • A key caching utility (so you don't have to keep typing the key passphrase)
  • command line ssh support vi plink
  • support for scp and sftp (pscp and psftp)
Every time I've used it it's been rock solid and handled everything thrown at it (including things that OpenSSH had trouble with -- although to be fair that was probably not OpenSSH's fault)