Why Gen Y Is Going to Change the Web - ReadWriteWeb
There's some contention over where exactly Gen Y starts and stops - some say those born 1983-1997, others think 1982-1997. In this week's Entertainment Weekly, Gen Y is defined as "current 13 to 31 year-olds" and BusinessWeek says they can be as young as five. Regardless, we know who they are - they're the young kids of today, the most digitally active generation yet, having been born plugged in.
When I have a working laptop at home I drive my wife mad as I surf facebook and post on Jaiku whilst watching TV. I always want to put information on Wikis (with open slather for everyone to update it) when my colleagues don't understand the benefit and I'm posting here when I should be working on something else. I'm a man 25 years before my time! Or perhaps I can just tell people I'm 22 years old?