On Windows it's very easy to end up with with multiple installtions of Perl (e.g. I have Strawberry Perl, Cygwin perl and Activestate Perl installed by Twiki). If you download CPAN modules and then install them by hand things don't always go where you think. The (obvious) trick is to make sure you are running the correct Perl (and make tool) before you begin the install process. Let's take Strawberry Perl as an example:
  1. Make sure the correct perl bin is first in the PATH
    set PATH=c:\strawberry\perl\bin;%PATH%
  2. Make sure the correct make program is first in the PATH
    set PATH=c:\strawberry\c\bin;%PATH%
You should then be able to run perl Makfile.PL, dmake, dmake test, dmake install. However if you have a problem then correct the environment and run dmake -u to force a rebuild. (If you are using something other than make program then you'll need to find the correct option)