I was catching up with an school friend over Skype last night and discussed her work on the psychology of workplace recruitment and how effective personality tests are in the recruitment process. I've never been happy with such tests for a variety of reasons:
  1. The state of the art is not sufficiently advanced to understand the complexities of the human personality
  2. The testing I am familiar with attempts to reduce what complexity it can measure to a few simple axis for comprehension by an untrained recruiter (i.e. people like me)
  3. There seems to be no published consensus on the quality of testing
  4. The tests I have seen are culturally biased as they demand a good understating of the nuance of English language. In the last set of interviews I did I interviewed over 15 candidates, only two of whom had English as a first language
  5. The tests are expensive to purchase and administer
So in my next post I'll look at what I do instead of personality testing to try and create some rigour in my recruitment process.