A long with a lot of other sad people, I have been throwing my random thoughts onto the intertubes in the belief that they are of interest to people. In order to maximise the spread of mental drivel and minimise the effort involved I have spent far more time than I should investigating and setting up (playing with) various services and feeds to spread my 'goddness' far and wide. Here is how it works
  1. I have conversations on Jaiku
  2. I use twitter to hit as many people as possible
  3. Friendfeed allows me to see information from many more people than Jaiku
  4. ping.fm allows me to post to Jaiku, Twitter and facebook
  5. ping.fm also posts pownce, tumblre, plurk, Identi.ca and myspace but that's probably a waste of time although I do have a limited number of followers there
  6. I do not post to LinkedIn as sometimes my comments are not that professional :-)
  7. Both Jaiku and Friendfeed also receive feeds from my Wordpress blog, my Flikr photos, del.ico.us book marks and my dugg stories
So I monitor friendfeed for the 'big picture', post to ping.fm and watch jaiku for interesting conversations.