(Updated 28/Aug/09 with Open Source Windows site) Essentials to make Windows almost bareable « sinewalker
a list of what free software to install on top of Windows, and what adjustments to make, so that at least I don’t feel like I’m wearing a straight jacket
Some excellent ideas and suggestions from Sinewalker here and there are more at Open Source Windows. I posted my own list of Windows essentials back in 2002 and I've been thinking for some it's time to tidy the list up a bit since the world has moved on, so here goes: Software development related: Desktop and Misc Security All of these tools are free of charge and many are Free software, which helps with the budget. However please consider a donation if it's asked for and you can afford it. In addition I change the default XP theme and use Windows 2000 as it takes up less screen space (or least it feels like it does) but use the 'modern' start menu.