Syncable tools for the offline web
SD is a peer to peer bug tracker which can sync to itself, RT or Hiveminder. You can extend SD to sync to other bug tracking tools by writing simple adaptors. If you'd like to help make SD work better with your bug tracker, drop us a line.
With all the cool kids (and me) moving to distributed version control tools it's been obvious that that there is a gap because our bug databases are centralised. Why is that a problem? Because code changes should always be booked against either a user story or a bug report. The link needs to be hard! i.e. I should be at least warned when I commit code without a ticket and when I look at a completed ticket I should be able to find the corresponding code. When you are committing code changes at 11,000 meters above sea level that can be a bit hard. The only thing I know about SD is what I've read above, but already I want it! [update 25/July -- the SD website now works so go for it!]