use Perl | White Camel Awards 2008
The first White Camel recipient for 2008 is Jacinta Richardson. She has been credited for saving more than one Perl Monger group from dying and has been heralded as the "gardener of the Australian Perl Community", in the sense that she provides energy while subtly encouraging others to take responsibility. She is an active member in every Monger group in Australia, as well as many other FLOSS groups in the area. She has helped organize OSDC,, and SAGE conferences. She works with Perl Training Australia in supporting the Perl community with such ventures as and Perl Tips.
In in Australia we often punch above our weight in many areas, not just sport, and our communities for users of FLOSS are world class. It's people like Jacinta (a.k.a jarich) who help make it happen and it's good that we recognise the hard work she (and others) do to keep this infrastructure going. And in further proof of Australian class from OSCON this year: schwern's status on Thursday, 24-Jul-08 00:29:13 UTC -
In Paul Fenwick's "Illustrated History of Failure" and so far it's brilliant. #OSCON