If you are like me, a *nix user (sometimes) trapped in MS Windows land, then you'll come to depend on the Cygwin utilities. Their use is pretty straight forward, but you can make life a little bit easier for yourself:
  • When installing Cygwin select the option for default UNIX / binary style line endings for files. When selecting DOS style text files I've had subsequent problems with Perl CPAN modules failing unit tests and bash failing to process login scripts
  • After the install issue a mount -c / command, this means that you can access drives without using the /cygdrive mount point (i.e. /c/Program\ Files instead of /cygdrive/c/Program\ Files)
  • NB This is not recommended practice, but for years I have been installing cygwin into the root of my C: drive, apparently without ill effects, and it does make life slightly easier. However you will need to modify startxwin.bat (and startxdmcp.bat if used) and make sure that the environment variable CYGWIN_ROOT is defined as an empty string.
  • Create a shortcut to invoke bash, I use "C:\bin\run.exe C:\bin\rxvt.exe -sl 2500 -fg lightblue -geometry 80x25 -bg midnightblue -sbt 10 -title bash -e /bin/xhere /bin/bash.exe %HOME%" (noting of course that I install into the root of the C: drive). You can also use chere to install a 'Open Bash here' option in Windows Explorer
Anyone else have anything to pass on?