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Some commentators propose a model of post-Agilism that is effectively constructive anarchy, in that teams should be self-organising to the point where even the core values of the Agile movement are considered too presciptive, and that teams should simply "do whatever works for them".
Does this seem a little scary to you? Gives me the heebie jeebies. For those folks who are not familiar with Agile methods I have to say that I am firmly of the opinion that professional Agile developers are in fact some of the most process centric individuals on the planet. It's one of the reasons I like the approach. This process (and we are talking about process in the small) leads to a) greater predictability and b) a mind more able to concentrate on the creative aspects of the job. Post-agilsm seems to the antithiis of this. However a brief paragraph in WikiPedia does not a methodology make so I'm open to discussion.