Enterprise 2.0 — What a waste of time! « Alec the Geek
If you cannot see E2 helping your organisation directly with those basic things then why bother?
Just in case everyone things I'm a grumpy old fart all the time, I thought I follow up on my dismissive put down of the all the hoopla around Enterprise 2.0 by talking about customers in this "brave new world" of Enterprise and Web 2.0. Customers are the reason we get out of bed in the morning and they kindly pay our bills for us -- so we'd better keep them happy! However, even through we may deal with them directly every day, it can be hard to understand what they want or when they are unhappy. Even worse, when they do communicate problems we often label them awkward and unreasonable. Web 2.0 can help us overcome some of these problems:
  1. Providing a varity of channels to make it easier for customers to communicate
  2. Separating the consumer and supplier of the message (in time) so that customers and vendors can view the messages without letting emotional baggage get in the way
  3. A larger volume of feedback should help organisations spot genuine problems and trends
In addition forums and blogs give organisations an new opportunity to engage customers with what they do and the future direction -- however such new channels of open communication do not sit well with many enterprise cultures, so be prepared for some painful learning...