I recently decided, despite using nothing but Linux on my laptop, that I had become a suite using purely graphical Office tools (Evolution for calendar, email etc, OpenOffice to write documents and presentations and so on). I was becoming a very rusty geek! Time for Plan A. Migrate email, task management etc to emacs, start using Docbook for presentations and document creation (in Emacs of course) with git to protect my precious work. However so far it all feels a bit hard...  There is no consensus on the best way to configure Emacs for laptop email using IMAP services (mix and match any of Dovecot, fetchmail, Gnus, RM, procmail, etc etc); and getting a decent fop processor working is harder than it should be (I got going instead with dblatex in the end) -- now writing Docbook documents seems hard as well -- all that XML  *sigh*. I'm not even feeling at home with git yet :-(. Update 29/Aug/08: Sacha Chua has some great advice to share on using Gnus for email Anyone have some tips or encouragement to share?