When you work from home there are various things you need to do to look after yourself:
  1. Identify what you need to stay sane and make sure work out how to find or do it
  2. Set up networks of friends on services such as twitter or facebook. Spend a limited of time each catching up with them -- but be careful not to let it affect productivity too much.
  3. Make sure you get out off the 'office' for coffee breakfast or lunch. I like to go to a local coffee shop
  4. Join various groups relevant to your professional or personal interests and consider attending group meetings. IT people based in Melbourne can find a list at Perl Net
  5. Set boundaries to help you switch off from work and do something else. Having an private office and defined office hours can help
  6. Make sure that the people you live with understand when you are work and can't be usually expected to join in other activities
  7. Be flexible and break the schedule and work practices sometimes. After all flexibility is the main reason to telecommute
He also helps to create a decent working environment (space, light, furniture, storage, IT systems). I made some notes on this