The 10" EEE PC 1000H makes a good choice for people looking for a notebook with a little more storage and bigger keyboard than Asus' previous model. Unfortunately, whilst the local Harvey Norman had a good price, I was still forced to pay the Microsoft tax. So the third job after I got home (after upgrading the BIOS and checking the hardware worked ) was to install Ubuntu 8.10. The process was pretty straight forward because I had a current Ubuntu system to create the USB boot disk and a wired network connection so that I could install the wireless tweaks. However it took a fair mount of Googling to hopefully this should save some folks a bit of time.
  1. Get a copy of the 32-bit Ubuntu 8.10 ISO image. I used the Desktop version, alternative should work fine as well
  2. Use the Ubuntu System->Administration -> Create Startup USB tool to copy Ubuntu to a USB stick
  3. Shutdown Windows on the EEE. I had to do this via Windows shutdown to get the correct prompts on power up
  4. Power up the EEE with the ESC key pressed. You should be prompted for a boot device
  5. Boot from USB
  6. Install Ubuntu in the normal fashion
  7. Connect to wired Internet connection
  8. Get latest updates
  9. Follow these instructions
  10. You should now have a working EEE PC with wireless
To configure Evolution email use ALT-f at the end of each configuration screen (the buttons can't be seen) Try setting the panels to autohide this will give you a little more screen room The EEE PC trackpad buttons are pushed from the front by the way, not the top.