This week I at last did something I'd wanted to do for a long time and  release some of Voga's intellectual property to the wider world. I have already made material available either through this blog or via Slideshare. However for a geek it's obviously better to publish complete projects in an Open Source manner so  they can be freely copied, modified and shared. For historical reasons this had been inconvenient to do as I used to hold everything in a single Subversion repository. Not only did this contain my potentially open material, but also my customers private data and my business records (yes, I keep my accounts database in a version control repository!). A few months I migrated my Subversion  repo to git, but I still had a single large repo and no time or skill to fix it. However today I bit the bullet
  1. Removed all my possibly public data to another directory structure
  2. Tidy up my current repo by removing all the old 'trunk' directories -- as a solo consultant I was lucky and had never had to branch my projects. Commit my new streamlined repo
Now to work on the the public projects
  1. Identify a complete project and make sure it had no proprietary data. This is potentially time consuming
  2. Tidy up some of the names
  3. Create a new git repo; add the project files; and commit
  4. Create a new repo on Github for my project
  5. Follow the simple instructions to upload my project to github
To Do
  • Update existing references to my projects I can find and update to point to the repo
  • Add the correct license files
  • Start again for as many projects as possible, please be patient
I'll still keep presentation copies on Slideshare because that is much more convient for most people. A big thank you to the git developers and github for making this so easy