I've been using my ASUS EEPC 1000H for 10 months now and there are some obvious changes that could improve the form factor which no one seems to be implementing. So here is my $200 worth
  • Remove the speakers -- it's hard to get decent sound anyway. I'm mobile so I don't want disturb others and I always use headphones. Use the space for something else
  • Use a trackpoint instead of a trackpad. Takes up a lot less space and is harder to accidentally hit when typing
  • Try and make the screen a little taller so that it can display 1024x768. There are just enough applications that don't work at 1024x600 to make this important
  • Improve video playback -- the form factor makes a great mini-TV but sometimes... Would this be a simple matter of improving the graphics card?
  • Ship with 2Gb already!
  • Oh .. and don't bother with fingerprint scanners, there are more important things.
I'm happy enough with my EEEPC that it's my main computer (but I have a big screen and keyboard to use with it, and I don't use tools like Eclipse)