Please Note: I am NOT a social media guru, or any of the other meaningless titles the no-hopers give themselves on Twitter. I'm just a geek who can spot the obvious, especially when it's pointed out.

Post-Mortem of This Morning's Outage

At 07:53 PDT this morning the site was hit with an abnormal number of SSH connections. The script that runs after an SSH connection is accepted makes an RPC call to the backend to check for the existence of the repository so that we can display a nice error message if it is not present...
This is the a post from the GitHub team about a recent problem that affected many of their customers (of whom I am one). As you can see from the comments attached to the above post, GitHub's strategy of open communication pays dividends in providing
  • Positive customer feedback, even when there is a problem
  • Customer loyalty  -- everywhere on the web (just do a Google search) GitHub customers, including me, are happy to recommend them
Now obviously GitHub offer a great product as well, but the point I want to make is that social media is all about transparency and authenticity. It's not rocket science but I shudder to think about the number of organisations wasting money and falling at this basic level. Incidentally, GitHub's message content  is appropriate for their customer base -- who are a right bunch of geeks. Yours should be appropriator as well.