I have started to use the Pomodoro technique to try and remove distractions from  my work day and focus on what needs to be done. It's very early days yet but it's attractive for a number of reasons:
  • It's simple
  • The Pomodoro task list needed can be obtained from your GTD next actions list
  • It provides a process to handle distractions such as twitter and email
The technique works by allocating work into 30 minutes chunks (called pomodoros) -- 25 minutes to actually work on an specific task and a five minute break to 'rest'. This is designed to stop you getting stale and provides a opportunity to check your email and social media sources without feeling guilty (but you only get 5 mins; and don't forget to re-fill the water bottle and any needed trips to the toilet etc). The process also recognizes reality by providing tools to handle interruptions and problems. For instance yesterday my clients PC borked so four of my pomodoros did not get done. So far the process has me feeling much more in control and able to get work done. I'm looking forward to getting familiar with the process and making improvements to my work day. P.S. I use Pomodairo on my Linux, Windows and iMac to time my pomodoros