As well as adopting the Pomodoro time management technique I've started using TaskCoach to manage my tasks and related lists (based on a GTD style workflow, which I have written about in a later post). TaskCoach has some really useful features, works across all the major desktop platforms, can be used for zero cost and is open source. Whilst TaskCoach has no direct support for Pomodoro it is easy to add it in by using task templates. As well as TaskCoach you may need a software Pomodoro timer, I use Pomodairo. I have created a task template which you can use as a starting point. Download and unpack the template to a file location on your PC. Open TaskCoach and from the file menu select "Add Template", browse to the location were you saved my template and select it. When you return to the main TaskCoach window you should now be able to select Task -> New Task from Template and see "Pomodoro Task" in the sub menu. Select the Pomodoro Task and you should see something like this

You can now update the title (make as descriptive as possible so you don't need to open the task to see what it's about, but be pithy) and the estimated number of Pomodoros. So it looks like this Task details updated When you start your Pomodoro for this task you can open the task to:
  • Add notes
  • Add ' for internal interruptions and - for external interruptions (don't forget to add any new tasks into TaskCoach)
  • At the end of the Pomodoro you can add an X
When you have completed the task you can mark it complete in TaskCoach.

Further Tips

  • A simple way to maintain a daily task is to create a 'Today' category in TaskCoach. You can then filter the displayed task list based on that category
  • In preferences select "Show a popup....when hovering over it" and you will see the Pomodoro related information