I recently sat down to update my 'Value Proposition'. This is important for three reasons:
  1. It articulates the reasons that people should pay you money to come in and help them
  2. It helps you develop you elevator pitch (everyone has to answer the question 'What do you do' in less than 20 seconds)
  3. It should drive over 90% of your business activity (allow yourself 10% wiggle room)
To make sure that I stay honest I'm posting my value proposition with more detailed backup. I'd be delighted to have people poke it hard so don't be shy in the comments.
Alec delivers improvements to software development and application lifecycle  processes that are:
  • Business focused
  • Simplified
  • Instrumented
  • Automated
with the objectives of being
  • Predictable
  • Repeatable
  • Documented
As someone who cannot stand cant I'd better back these words up with some detail and justification: We all deliver value to our customers by helping in three ways
  1. Managing the business better: e.g. financials, understanding risks, compliance,....
  2. Executing better: e.g. doing it faster, changing products quicker, improving quality and core business processes,...
  3. Reducing costs: e.g. doing more with less, reducing rework, improving or removing non-core business processes,...
In a software based delivery business unit this is no different. In my experience many software environments frequently fail for apparently simple reasons
  • There is no clear understanding of what is happening. Progress, outstanding issues, root causes and areas for improvement are often guessed at
  • Many tools and the processes they deliver are over complicated. This leads to resistance and substantially reduced value
  • Lightweight documented process cam help contributors of various skill levels deliver consistently without having to re-thing the process every time
That value and improvement needs to be delivered consistantly and continaully, long after the implementation is complete. Bu focusing on our final objectives from day one we can ensure this happens. That is how Voga helps to deliver value to customers.