I posted recently about using the TaskCoach list manager to support the Pomodoro Technique for actually doing work. Of course Pomodoro does not address the issue of task identification and organisation -- so I promised a post on using TaskCoach and Getting Things Done (GTD) as  GTD and Pomodoro complement each other nicely. Setup:
  1. Install TaskCoach
  2. Create Taskcoach categories that reflect the various GTD categories, i.e
    • Next Action ( I call it ".Next Action" so it sorts to the top of the list)
    • Deferred
    • Someday/Maybe
    • Waiting
  3. Under Next Action create sub categories to represent your contexts. e.g.
    • ".Next Action/Errand"
    • ".Next Action/Web"
    • ".Next Action/Laptop"
    • ".Next Action/Telephone" etc...
  4. Create a sub category called ".Next Action/_Agenda" (use underscore so that it sorts at the end of the next action list, alternatively make Agenda a top level category). Under that create categories for the people in your life e.g.
    • ".Next Action/_Agenda/Wife"
    • ".Next Action/_Agenda/Boss"
    • ".Next Action/_Agenda/SalesGuyOnCurrenProject" etc
  5. Optionally make ".Next Action" mutually exclusive on sub categories (suggested by the mailing list)
  6. Create the same people centric categories under Waiting
  7. In preferences select the following
    • "Use Tabbed Interface.." off (you need to see context and task list at once)
    • "Allow for tasking notes" on (optional but useful)
  8. Edit the ".Next Action" category and make it a different colour (NB Not red as that will hide overdue tasks)
  9. Optionally make
  10. Optionally add additional columns to the task view (suggested by the TaskCoach mailing list). It can be useful to add a column for category so that tasks can be sorted by category or context.
Using it:
  1. Create top level tasks for your current projects. Create actions as subtasks under projects (You can drag and drop tasks between or into projects)
  2. Add new actions to the list in the normal fashion, so the task list becomes an inbox as well
  3. Add due and start dates as required
    • Deferred  actions
    • Delegated actions
    • Tasks with a real due date
  4. Review tasks in the task list (daily) by
    • Selecting “Tree of tasks/List of tasks” as you progress to see context (or not)
    • Assigning the correct Next Action context to tasks during review. NB Only one NA category should be used
    • Moving new actions to the correct projects
    • Removing Next Action category from completed tasks
    • Using the other categories as appropriate
  5. Now click on the ".Next Action" category and only next actions are displayed. Selecting a specific sub category (and de-selecting the higher ".Next Action") will further filter by context