Customer service in Australia « Alec the Geek

Australian customer service is generally pretty poor.

After writing a piece a few years showing some great examples of AU customer service I had a great example tonight of how NOT to treat customers on the Melbourne Skybus. It was the first time I had used the service and after the showing tonight I hope the last.

I had purchased my return ticket a couple of weeks ago (being concerned about the time it would take to queue up yesterday morning on my way to Sydney). The net result was that on my outward journey the ticket print had become worn (but was still legible) and this meant the driver had to punch the ticket manually and then return it. No problem so far. However tonight when I returned the driver refused to accept the ticket as it had two hole punches in it and so had supposedly been already used. My attempt to explain that this was not the case as I had only travelled up the day previously was greeted with disbelief and he started hectoring me in a loud voice. I asked him to stop shouting which only made matters worse. He eventually referred me to the ticket booth for assistance who were no help at all.

I'm guessing the first bus driver had decided that the slightly worn appearance of my ticket (it had been nestled in my wallet for two weeks) meant he was justified in clipping it for both inward and outward journeys without the courtesy of mentioning it to me!

I was forced to buy another ticket (A$16 for a 20min bus ride), was left feeling upset and embarrassed (as of course a large number of people had been able to enjoy the spectacle of me being harangued in the front of the bus).

I hope visitors to Melbourne don't often get treated to such service