Often developers get a limited choice on the Version Control (VC) or Software Configuration management tool they have to use when working on a project. However even when the Git (the Distributed Version Control tool) does not interface with the project tool there is value in using Git for a personal workflow. This can work as follows.
  1. Fetch a copy of the working code needed to make your change
  2. Initialise a new Git repo in your working copy and add the code
  3. Now checkout a new git branch for your work
  4. hack hack hack test test....
  5. Commit
  6. Switch to master branch
  7. Fetch from the project tool again.
  8. Add changes and commit
  9. Review differences, rebase or merge as required.
  10. Verify project tool still at same state from step 7
  11. Upload/ check in changes to project tool. You can use the output from git log as the basis of your commit message for the legacy tool
Rinse and repeat